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Sunday Riley "UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil"

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Hello there! My name is Morgan. I'm 28 and I still suffer from occasional adult is this still a thing?!?!?

Since I can remember, I have struggled with breakouts. I have very oily, sensitive, Irish skin and am prone to breakouts. VERY prone to breakouts. I am constantly trying out new products (I won't put anything on one of my clients faces without testing it on my own first) which lends itself to the occasional breakout and/or irritation. As a result, I am hyper-vigilant about using products that are as clean as possible, that are non comedogenic (wont clog your pores) and are typically oil free. Even as a makeup artist that has been in the industry 12+ years now, I have been afraid to put oil on my face...until now!

I kept hearing about the brand Sunday Riley and after doing a bit of research, knew I wanted to try their UFO collection. The products came and then sat in my bathroom for maybe about a week before I FINALLY developed the cojones to actually put the oil on my face lol! What finally convinced me to just do it already was the fact that although it is an oil.. its a medicated oil. It has 1.5% salicylic acid as well as tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil to clarify, decongest, help get rid of blackheads and minimize pores. You know how using a lot of clarifying products to get rid of blemishes can make your skin dry and flaky in certain spots though? NOT HERE!! Cucumber oil, milk thistle oil and aloe help to keep everything smooth and balanced while preventing fine lines. In total, there's upwards of 10 types of oils in every drop (and a little pearl powder too ;))!

I've used the oil now for about 5 months and REALLY love it. I use it only at night! You can wear it during the day as well but I prefer it as a night time treatment at the moment. The oil has a dropper under the cap and I use at least a few drops! I like to feel like my face has been fully saturated and then use whatever is left on my hands and rub it onto my neck and back of hands. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone with oily skin looking to combat breakouts and prevent fine lines! Can't go a night without now!

Hope this helps anyone else who is struggling for clear skin!

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