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The Hero Product Everyone Needs For Winter AND Summer

This product made its way into my life almost a decade ago, while vacationing in the Dominican Republic with a few of my makeup artist gal pals. I'm all Irish and very fair so just one day of fun in the DR sun was all I needed to already have a sunburn.

(Anyone else always get burned across their nose or just me?!)

My friend Krystina gave me her tube of an Elizabeth Arden product called the "8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant" to put on my nose/lips to help with my minor burns and to prevent any peeling. Truth be told, it has a smell to it that I don't necessarily want to bottle up BUT I kept using it throughout the trip and it WORKED. It really was healing my skin. When I got home, I ordered a tube of my own and did a little research on how else I should be using it. I soon discovered that not only has this winner of a product been around since 1930 but it's also super versatile. You can use it as a moisturizer anywhere on your body, it can calm skin irritation, help minor scrapes and burns, hydrates nails and cuticles, protects your skin (even from windburn) and can even be used to tame eyebrows and as an added makeup highlight! I've been using it ever since and also keep one in my makeup kit. With winter and cold/flu season officially here, the "8 Hour Cream" is what I'm constantly reaching for.

PSA: it's the BEST for helping raw noses and chapped lips ;)




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