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Pat McGrath's "Sublime Perfection" Foundation

Pat McGrath is one of the most influential makeup artists in the world. If you don't know her name (yet), you've definitely used a product she's inspired in your lifetime. Since 2004, she has been the global beauty creative design director for Procter and Gamble and "oversees Covergirl, Max Factor and created Dolce & Gabbana: The Makeup. Recently, she also designed and launched Gucci’s debut cosmetic collection." She has also been responsible for decades of Italian Vogue covers, runway looks and trends we've all worn and love.

Sublime Perfection is her very first foundation under her own brand, Pat McGrath Labs, and is every bit as incredible as you'd imagine. The fluid-like formula is oil-free and formulated without fragrance, talc or parabens. It is formulated with a Vita-Serum Complex though that's not only anti-aging but also helps to "preserve the hydrolipic film barrier" of our skin. This foundation is working to promote healthy skin with every application. It's boosting our own natural hydration by increasing the hyaluronic acid and ceramides in our skin. She didn't stop there though! It also has "Diamond Core Powder Technology that improves skin texture by optically smoothing and blurring the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. An illuminating soft-focus pigment blended into the formula converts and scatters light, emulating the effect of a healthy, youthful complexion."

I was lucky enough to be gifted the foundation from Pat McGrath Labs ahead of the launch and really fell in love with it. I'd describe it as build-able. Sheer upon application but you could really build it where you wanted a little more coverage. It's also very fluid and I applied it with my fingers at first and then used a foundation brush where I wanted to build it. I loved that it could be sheer enough where you could still see the light freckles that run across my nose too. Even in sunlight, you can see why they call it the "no retouching necessary foundation". It gives a really nice, healthy glow but still really looks like skin and completely eliminates the need for a filter too ;) It wore really nicely throughout the night too but the real cherry on top was how great my skin felt the next morning!

The foundation will retail for $68 and you can sign up to join their waitlist here.



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