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Q & A Roundup: November 2018

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Have any beauty/career questions for me?

Thank you to everyone that's submitted!

Here are my top 10 questions from November :)

"I have THE darkest under eyes. Any tips for covering them up?" - Lauren K.

Hi Lauren! Have you tried adding an under eye brightener to your routine? Adding a brightener can color correct any darkness you might have and instantly makes you look more well rested!

"Do people confess their secrets to you like they do hair stylists? If so, whats the craziest thing you've heard?" - Sarah W.

This is also a yes! My theory is that it's because normally when you first meet someone, they aren't touching your face so it creates a personal connection instantly. The craziest things I've heard were when I worked in a department store. I could give you so many examples BUT secrets are safe with me ;)

"Who are your other favorite celeb makeup artists to follow on Instagram?" Christin E.

Hi Christin! Here are a few of my favorites:

"Is it ok to call you Morgan Marie or do you prefer just Morgan in person?" - Vanessa K.

I get this question all the are more than welcome to call me either one! Whichever you prefer :)Thanks Vanessa!

"Are there any artists or performers that you draw inspiration from?" - Caroline C.

I am majorly inspired by Stevie Nicks! I've been obsessed with her since I was little and find so much inspiration in her, her authenticity and her very long career. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the "Golden Age of Hollywood". I've had an affinity for it for as long as I can remember and a lot of my products are named after the women I find inspiration in (see below).

"I want to start my own business but am unsure that this is the right time and if I'm even ready. I don't want to make any mistakes! How did you know you were ready and what advice would you have?" - Olivia I.

Hi Olivia!

I know it can be scary but it is OK to make mistakes. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of mistakes that I've made throughout my Morgan Marie journey... but it's all part of the labor of love that is entrepreneurship. I was 21 when I started this business and had ZERO clue what I was doing but you learn as you go! The best overall advice I can give (as cliche as it is) is if you can dream it, you can do it! Your passion will be your North Star helping to navigate your way. The hiccups that happen (and they will happen) are really just opportunities to practice perspective, help us grow, build our character and teach us to dig deep to find strength in places we maybe weren't sure we had it. Carrie Fisher (also one of my favorite writers!) has this great quote that pops in my head often and I think about it every time I feel unsure if Im making the right choice... "Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” She's right! Eventually, the confidence does always follow and I believe it will for you too! xx

"Do your friends want you to do their makeup all the time and is that annoying for you?" - Colleen O.

They are actually pretty good about only asking me when they really need it! I also try to remember why they're even asking me for help in the first place. The power of makeup is that it gives us an extra confidence boost and I can never be annoyed about that ;)

"How do you come up with names for products?" - Leigh M.

Hi Leigh! All of the lip products are named after women...some in my actual life and some are inspiration from movies, music or tv (Stevie for Stevie Nicks, Marilyn for Marilyn Monroe, etc.). Naming products was very easy in the beginning and has only gotten more and more difficult! A lot of times I'll ask friends or family for help, too. My best friend Scarlett helped name the new bronzers.. "98 degrees" and "Sunny & 75". Inspiration comes from anywhere and anyone so if you have any ideas...feel free ;)

"I know you're a housewives super fan...Do you have a favorite city and more importantly, who's makeup would you want to do?" - Kelly H.

Kelly - a gal after my own heart! My favorite cities are New York and Beverly Hills. I think I would want to do Stephanie Hollman's makeup...she is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

"My makeup artist friends seem to all be having a lot of success and while I'm so happy for them, all of my hard work doesn't seem to be paying off in the same way. Any advice or suggestions would be so appreciated!" - Emily N.

Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your question. I'm a big believer that comparison is the thief of joy! I'm sure you have been working really hard, doing your best and accomplishing a lot as well so don't forget to be kind to yourself too! I find that it always helps me to write down goals for myself and a couple of ways/ideas of how I can accomplish them. I'm a planner, so having it all written down and coming up with an approach helps me to feel more confident ;) Keep working hard and staying true to yourself...the world is your oyster! xx


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