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Q & A Roundup: January 2019

Have any beauty/life/career questions for me?

Thank you to everyone that's submitted!

Here are my top 10 questions from January :)

"What is your all time favorite product you have bought over and over and can't live without?' - Scarlett A.

I buy Glossier's boy brow over and over and love their stretch concealer as well. I also continually use Sunday Riley products (see below), Elta Md Sunscreen, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Carmex wintermint (I'm absolutely addicted to it!), Kiehls ultimate hand cream...all products I use until they're empty!

"Favorite place to shop skincare?" - Emily A.

"Do you like doing eyes or skin better?" - Gina L.

Hi Gina! Skin is my favorite! You could have really beautiful eye makeup but if the skin doesn't look good, the whole look just doesn't work for me then.

"I cannot keep my lipstick on to save my life..any tips?" - Beth R.

Hi Beth! I like to fully line my lips all the way through so that if my lipstick does start to fade, you wont be able to tell because my lip liner is also working as a base!

"Are you working on any new products?" - Maria F.

Thanks for asking Maria! I do have a few new products that I'm excited to share with you! They should be available in the next couple of months so stay tuned ;)

"How do you feel about face/sheet masks?" - Christina L.

I love a good mask! Here are the ones I keep on repeat:

(leave on mask/moisturizer when I need a little bit more hydration)

"If you could only pick one skincare brand to use, what would it be and why?" - Alex B.

Hi Alex! If I could only pick one, it would be Sunday Riley! I already use a lot of their products and have been really happy with how well they work. I also love that they are all made with clean ingredients but are backed by science. I'll link what I've used and loved from them below. xx

"Do you have a signature scent? I've only met you a few times but you always smell amazing and I wonder what scent you have on? Hope that isn't weird haha" - Jacqueline C.

Thank you Jacqueline!! Not weird at all :) I go through phases! I've always loved and have worn Chanel No 5 "Premiere". A few years ago, I pretty much exclusively wore Coco Mademoiselle. Now, I'm really into Tom Ford's "Fleur de Portofino" and the original Kai fragrance.

"Do you ever get nervous before a job?" - Blair B.

Hey Blair!

I don't get nervous! I do often have dreams though about oversleeping and the bride is about to walk down the aisle when her dad lifts her veil to reveal she has no makeup on! I've probably had that same dream a couple hundred times haha

"10 things we'd be surprised to know about you!!" - Kelly E.

Hi Kelly!

1. I hate to drive and never wanted to get a license

2. I take a shower every single night before I go to sleep no matter what or where I am or what time it is ;)

3. I have (barely visible) scars on my right wrist from 1st and 2nd degree burns I got from a candle accident when I was 11

4. I'm obsessed with Stevie Nicks

5. I'm a night owl and am often awake until 2 or 3am

6. I started my business at 21 & on a whim after a month long vacation in Europe

7. I love organizing. One of my best friends coined it "Morganizing" lol but there's nothing I love more than having everything organized. I also find it very calming :)

8. I love old hollywood movies and am majorly inspired by the golden era

9. I'm afraid of heights

10. I have 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 step brothers and a step sister! 8 of us in total!


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