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Q & A Roundup: December 2018

Have any beauty/life/career questions for me?

Thank you to everyone that's submitted!

Here are my top 10 questions from December :)

"What's your daily skin care routine from wake up to bed time? Creams, serums, etc" - Catherine A.

My skincare routine changes every so often but for right now, this is what I'm using!

AM: (in this order)

-Elta MD tinted spf 46 (for more on SAFE spf click here)

PM: (in this order)

*(for how to use micellar water click here)

For Spot Treatments: I use either this or this!

** If I ever feel like I need a bit more hydration,

Hope this helps and feel free to message me with any questions ;) xx

"I want to join your team! Are you hiring and where can I apply?" - Lauren L.

Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for your interest. I am always looking to add new talent (both makeup and hairstylists) to the team! Please send me a note at with your resume and portfolio. Thank you!

"How did you know you were ready to go from doing just your face to doing other people's makeup?" - Katie H.

Hi Katie! I don't think I did know! I think I just had such a strong desire and passion to get my hands on as many different faces as I could. The more faces I could make up, the more features, complexions, textures, etc. I was able to learn. I was also very, very young so I think my world was pretty blissfully ignorant lol! I can also remember doing some of my friend's mom's makeup as young as 7th and 8th grade. I just became obsessed with it! I was really fascinated by the power it held and the seemingly intertwined relationship makeup and confidence had together and what that looked like for different people. If you're curious to do someone else's makeup though, I think you should try! Don't forget to have fun while you do it too. xx

"Do you think it's important to see a dermatologist regularly?" - Claudia V.

Hi Claudia! Thanks for sending this question. I think it is SO important to at least see a dermatologist annually for a body check at the bare minimum. Dermatologists are able to check out any freckles/moles/birthmarks to make sure all is looking healthy/normal. I, as well as many family members and friends, have all had pre-cancerous spots removed that were all luckily caught at an annual body check, so it is something I feel passionately about. I believe most insurance companies consider this type of visit "preventive" and doesn't carry a charge other than maybe a copay--be sure to confirm with your particular insurance prior too!

"Have you had any botox or fillers?" - Heather M.

I haven't!

"You must get so sick of working with brides every day right??" - Samantha H.

Haha I get this question all the time and think it's hilarious! I really haven't had any crazy bridezillas *knock on wood*. I have had some crazy wedding experiences but never because of someone being rude,etc. I honestly have THE best brides and am genuinely honored to be a part of their day. A lot of the time, I end up getting to really know them and their families/friends throughout their wedding planning process and continue friendships post wedding. I've been lucky enough to also then do the makeup for a lot of their sisters, moms and friend's weddings. I even get so many sweet holiday cards and baby announcements from former sweet is that?! As cheesy as it is, I really think it's a privilege and really enjoy being able to do it.

"What is your favorite thing/ritual to do when you feel the need to recharge your body and/or spirit?" - Krystina N.

For me, nothing works better to recharge my spirit than being with people I love! I also am a big believer in journaling. Especially if I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Even if I don't always know where to start, I find it so helpful to be able to just write everything out and then have it in front of me in black and white and on paper. There's something about it that just helps me to prioritize and also "practicing perspective" (see below!) ;)

Physically, baths and massages are where it's at!

"Hi Morgan Marie! Sometimes I see you'll post about different books you're reading. What are some of your favorites? Books and/or genres! Thanks!" - Natalie C.

Hi Natalie! Some of my favorite writers are Joan Didion, Carrie Fisher and Dorothy Parker. As far as favorite books, I love memoirs and murder mysterys. Feel free to send any recommendations! xx

"What's your favorite eyebrow makeup?" - Camille E.

I love Glossier' s Boy Brow in "Brown" and then also use this brow powder!

"What is your 2019 word?" - Krystina N.

I have a phrase: Practicing Perspective!

I don't remember exactly how the phrase came about but it was in conversation with one of my best friends, Joyce, just last year and quickly became life changing for the both of us! Practicing perspective is all about making the choice to see and/or find a positive angle for every single situation. It, a lot of the time, isn't easy (hence the practicing part) but it has always been worth it! We all lead fast paced lives and it can be so easy to think or feel annoyed by different ways we sometimes have to spend our time. Practicing perspective is about remembering that those things "we have to do" are actually things that we are so blessed to be ABLE to do. A great example is replacing "why is this happening to me" with "how/what can I learn from this". Of course everyone that bumps their head has the right to say ow, if you will, but it's about being able to look at situations and being able to understand the difference between a really annoying inconvenience and an actual problem. It's also about trying to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and also practicing empathy. As Joyce puts it, "Everyone is so different and experiences life so differently. Practicing how you perceive things truly brings a whole new meaning to appreciating differences and learning how to see things from other people's situations. At the same time, you're also growing as you're understanding different viewpoints". Would love to hear your thoughts and 2019 words/intentions as well! xx


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