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Glossier Product Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

A lot of clients have been asking about a new(ish) brand called Glossier. It was started in 2016 and has a handful of products in the makeup, skincare and body care arenas that are all only available online. This product review is long overdue but I can't wait to go through the products I tried with you! There were SO many things I loved which surprised me and their price point is awesome. Excited to say I am a big Glossier fan now! Comment below what your favorite Glossier products are or what you think I should try next.

PS - all images are linked to their product page on Glossier's website


Priming Moisturizer

This was the product that shocked me the most! I have very oily skin and am super prone to breakouts so I was hesitant to even try this product. Ultimately what convinced me was the fact that it is non-comedogenic. Essentially, non-comedogenic means that it is specially formulated to not clog your pores. For someone with my skin type, that hyphenated word is everything!! I was also so excited to find out that it is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free and dermatologist tested. I applied the product with my hands, starting at the center of my face and spreading outward. The product is also buildable for anyone with dry skin! I used probably about the amount of a lima bean until my whole face felt evenly hydrated. Throughout the day, my skin felt hydrated but not at all greasy which I was worried about. I also felt like I used less foundation because I had such a great base happening.

Notable Ingredients:

- Hyaluronic Acid

-Vitamins A, C and E


- Anti Redness

Boy Brow

I'm going to start by saying I don't typically love brow gels. I always feel like they don't set right or they smudge easily or make your brows look like they have a weird coating on them. I had very low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Boy Brow comes in four colors: clear, blonde, brown and black. I used the brown and was really happy with the color and formula. The winning feature on this product for me was the small brush applicator! Super easy to use and it made it easy to get the product right where I wanted it and without being messy. It actually gave me enough color and fill on its own and made using a brow powder on top optional! Gotta love that!

Stretch Concealer

The stretch concealers are a very dewy concealer with a natural coverage. They start out pretty sheer but it is buildable! I love it for a kind of "everyday, natural look" because it is so hydrating and dewy which looks great under the eye. When I first started using it, I thought immediately it would be a great makeup kit staple because it has such a unique finish. I did try it out on a couple of clients and felt like it did a great job combating puffiness too! Two things I wish could be improved are the fact that it can crease a bit underneath the eye and that it only comes in 5 colors. Overall, I do enjoy this product and happily added it to my makeup kit.

Lip Gloss

This is hands down the best clear lip gloss I have ever used in my professional makeup artist life!!! It is super shiny and feels absolutely amazing on, but isn't at all tacky or sticky and is just incredible. I see what all the hype is about now ;) Dont walk, run!

Generation G Lipstick

I was so excited to try these lipsticks. They are super sheer colors in a matte formula. They come in 6 colors and are described on Glossier's website as:

Cake- "subtle peachy pink"

Like- "light powdery pink"

Crush- "hot raspberry pink"

Jam- "deep berry magenta"

Leo- "warm cocoa brown"

Zip- "poppy red"

I haven't tried Cake or Leo yet but I did get Like, Crush, Jam and Zip! Here's my take on the colors I did try...

Like - this color almost perfectly matched my natural lip color! I love wearing it with just a nude lip liner and calling it a day. Super sheer and I actually reach for it a lot more frequently than I'd expect to.

Crush - a gorgeous raspberry tone! Would wear this all year long too!

Jam - a beautiful, vampy tone with definite Winter/Fall vibes

Zip - a fab pop of color! Like a sheer "Marilyn" red! Very warm with beautiful orangey/coral undertones

Hope this answered a lot of your questions! Comment below what you love most! xx


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