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Top False Lash Picks

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Is there anything better than the look of full, dark, long lashes??

They can dress up any makeup look but also look great worn without any shadow or liner too. Here are a few of my favorite styles and basic staples that can always be found in my kit!

Ardell "110's"

These are my favorite "go to" lashes. They are super natural looking on and are really lightweight. I recommend these to everyone! Sometimes, for extra glam, I'll double them up and wear two pairs. These are a staple in my kit!


Ardell "Demi Wispies"

These guys add an extra touch of glamour! They are longer and wispier than the "110's" and are at their longest on the outer corners. Really beautiful on and very comfortable to wear.


Ardell "Lash Trios"

The lash trios are a game changer! They are for anyone that just wants extra length at the outer corner or on top of another set of lashes. They also look great applied to the whole length of the lash line! They come in three lengths: short, medium and long. I personally always keep the mediums on hand.


Duo Eyelash Adhesive

The only glue I've ever used! It comes in a couple different formulas and colors. I prefer this kind that goes on white but dries clear!

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