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Q & A Roundup: October 2018

Have any burning beauty questions for me?

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Thank you to everyone that's submitted!

Here are my top 10 questions from October :)

"When you're out in your real life, are you constantly noticing people's makeup mistakes? " - Kirsten L.

Kirsten, I'm often asked this question so I'm happy to set the record straight...the short answer is usually no! I try not to notice or pay attention to that unless it's something that's too hard to ignore (see biggest makeup pet peeves below). If how you're doing your makeup makes you feel comfortable and confident, more power to you. My sisters and best friends still don't always like to do their makeup in front of me for some reason though ;)

"My mascara always gets up on my eyelids.. Help!" - Amy R.

Hi Amy! Try setting your mascara with a clear brow gel! A lot of times, we can end up with mascara on the top or bottom of our eyes because the warmth/heat from our skin causes the mascara to transfer. Using a clear brow gel as a barrier of sorts between your mascara and your skin usually does the trick.

"What should I be cleaning my makeup brushes with?" - Ann K.

Baby shampoo! I like this hypoallergenic and fragrance free one.

"Do you wear sunscreen in the winter?" - Avery P.

Thanks for this question Avery...I wear sunscreen every single day! Even in winter, we still need protection from the sun's harmful rays :) I use the Elta Md tinted spf (you can get it here) and am obsessed with it. The bottle lasts me a long time and is great even for anyone suffering from acne or rosacea. It feels weightless and doesn't leave that greasy sunscreen residue either. Most importantly though, it has safe ingredients. Learn more about sun safety here!

"When did you start doing other people's makeup?" - Theresa D.

Hi Theresa! I started doing makeup professionally when I was 16 so just about 13 years ago now.

"What fall makeup trend do you think is good for an older woman?" - Gloria R.

One of my favorite fall looks for anyone, at any age, is to play with lip color. It is such an easy and fun way to experiment in your daily routine. For fall, shades ranging from mauves to oxbloods are super popular right now :) Thanks for the question Gloria!

"How do you get your skin to look so clear and porcelain?" - Kenzie G.

Thank you for the compliment Kenzie! For years, I've struggled with clear skin. My best advice is to research your skincare and its ingredients until you find what works best for you and your budget. Sometimes, it can be kind of a trial and error process until you find the right products. What has been working for me currently is Sunday Riley. I use their UFO Oil, the ceo brightening serum, good genes and go back and forth between two cleansers. (Linked here and here for you.) I also am a firm believer in wearing sun screen on a daily basis.

"What's non-comedogenic mean?" Mary F.

Essentially, it means "non pore clogging". If you are sensitive and/or prone to breakouts like me, I still recommend researching ingredients. is a great resource. Thanks Mary!

"Best advice for makeup artists just starting out?" - Carlee S.

Hi Carlee! The best advice I can offer is to constantly be practicing, studying and learning as much as you possibly can. I also really enjoyed having my makeup career start in a cosmetic department. It's a great way to practice your artistry on as many people as you can while also learning about different products, brands, techniques, etc. It's also a great place to learn from a community of artists with varying makeup career experiences.

"Biggest makeup pet peeve?" - Maggie W.

Currently, contouring mistakes. Using something that has shimmer in it or not blending well. You never want to be able to tell where something starts and stops. For example, when someone wants to contour their nose, you've got to make sure it's blended otherwise it starts to give off scarecrow vibes.


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